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...is about remembering the spirit of the people who we have loved and/or admired and who graced us with their presence if only for a short time. The love of these people, their memories and their history needs to be preserved. Each memorial we create is designed to be a tribute to them and their legecy. Their memorial will be left to tell the story of a life well lived for generations to come. We embrace the emotional healing that can occur when a headstone is designed with care and understanding. Each memorial is a unique one of a kind celebration of life, not celebrated for a day, but celebrated for eternity.



Scatter me not to restless winds, nor toss my ashes to the sea,

Remember now these years gone by, when loving gifts I gave to thee…

Remember now the happy times, the family ties we shared,

Don’t leave my resting place unmarked as though you never cared.

Deny me not one final gift for all who come to see,

A single last proof that says,

I loved …and you loved me.      

-D.J. Kramer



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