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Are you new to the monument industry? If so, you may be unfamiliar with some of the terms used to describe granite monuments.  Use this page as a helpful resource if you just don't know what something means or stands for, or you just need a little direction when looking at sizes and finishes. 




BRP - Balanced Rock Pitched

Beautiful rocky texture. Represented in our drawings with multiple uneven lines - usually found on base pictures.


PFT - Polished Flat Top

This means that the top surface of a base or marker is polished


PMG - Polished Margin

A margin is measured in inches and is a polished portion of the granite on the top of a base or marker.



Sides are smooth and unfinished (not polished)



Looks smooth and glossy. Usually has a shiny and darker appearance than the unfinished stone.


P1 - One surface is polished

We refer to a monument that has one of it's surfaces polished P1. In this case, it is usually the front of the monument.


P2 - Two surfaces are polished

We refer to a monument that has two of its surfaces polished P2. An example of a P2 would be a Serp Top with a polished front and back.


P3 - Three surfaces are polished

We refer to a monument that has three of its surfaces polished P3.  An example of a P3 would be a Serp Top with a polished front, top and back.


P5 or 'All Polished' - Five surfaces are polished

We refer to a monument that has five (in some cases, all) of its surfaces polished P5.  An example of a P5 would be a Serp Top with a polished front, top and back and sides.


F, B & T

Referring to the face of a monument, the back and the top. Often describes the sids of a monument that are polished.


JB - Jet Black

Our most popular black granite color.



Flat Carve - Traditional sandblast carving on a monument where the polished areas of the subject matter is "frosted" off and outlined by a v-sunk line.


Shape Carve - Similar to the Flat Carve but in addition, the carving is enhanced by shaping part(s) of the carving with a sandblast process to show depth and add sense of dimension. (shape carving is not recommended on small carving or emblems, as it is very difficult to achieve proper shaping of the subject.)


Deluxe Shape Carving - Takes shape carving one step further by deeply shaping and/or sculpting the rose.  This process cannot be done on a rose smaller than 4".


Laser Etch - Laser etching uses a pre-created "standard" design, or a photograph which is set up in a computer program and is transferred to the stone via a computerized laser.  All photos to be laser etched should be an original photograph.


Diamond Etching (or "Hand Etching") - A process in which a diamond bit engraving tool is used to etch into the polished surface to create a "drawing" (or "etching") on the stone. This is commonly called "photo real."  Our hand etching is more detailed and is deeper cut into the granite than laser etching.  To provide our customer a quality portrait diamond etching, it is essential that all photographs of individuals need to be clear, have 1" head size or larger and be an original photograph.






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